Don’t Neglect These 5 Important Forklift Maintenance Needs

Don’t Neglect These 5 Important Forklift Maintenance Needs

Don’t Neglect These 5 Important Forklift Maintenance NeedsProper forklift maintenance is extremely important for the safety of operations inside any warehouse facility. From routine maintenance to pre-shift checks, there are many precautions that must be taken into account. Even the minor issues, when ignored, can become huge problems interrupting operations as well as endangering the people who work in the warehouse. So, it is highly recommended that you schedule preventive forklift maintenance service on a consistent schedule.

Following are 5 important forklift maintenance needs that you shouldn’t neglect:

1. Tire Inspection
Tire inspection is one of the most important maintenance checks that any forklift owner must engage in. Tire inspection assures that the forklift is handled in the safest manner and it gets the most efficient gas economy. If the tires are underinflated, it can lead to poor traction which increases the risk of accidents. On the other hand, if the tires are overinflated, then there is a risk of tire blowout that can put the forklift out of service, interrupting operations at an inconvenient time.

2. Brake Inspection
Checking the functionality of forklift brakes is another important forklift maintenance need that you shouldn’t ignore. If you seem to push down harder than usual in order to fully engage the braking system of the forklift, then it means there is something wrong. In this case, you should inspect the brakes immediately. Faulty brakes can lead to a variety of warehouse disasters e.g. a warehouse employee being injured, racks being knocked over, etc.

3. Emission Testing
Just like cars, many forklifts emit fumes from their exhaust during operation. Since these fumes are made up of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, emission testing is crucial to dealing with these harmful fumes. You should complete emission testing on a regular basis. Recording exhaust fume measurements will help you make sure that you are complying with forklift emission standards.

4. Leak Inspection
Ignoring leak inspection of your forklift can lead to various problems. It is recommended that you check all of the fluids including transmission fluid, engine oil, and hydraulic fluid. These fluids have a specific job and if any of them is empty or low, the forklift may suffer. Leaks are the primary cause of low fluid levels. If there is a leak, it can cause the forklift to malfunction, overheat, or even shut down completely. As a result, your warehouse operations can be severely affected. Leaks can also result in oil being spilled on your warehouse floor, which can be a safety hazard for anyone walking around.

5. Jobsite Checks
Apart from preventive maintenance, daily jobsite checks are also very important as they help ensure safety and smooth operation. Following are the tasks that you should perform onsite:

• Checking to see that operator safety equipment e.g. seatbelts, etc. are in good shape.
• Checking the tires for wear or damage.
• Making sure there are no missing or damaged components such as chains, nuts, bolts, forks, and hoses.
• Making sure the battery is in good condition, clean, and fully charged and there are no clogged vent caps or exposed wires.
• Checking the water levels and engine oil
• Listening for any odd noises when the engine is running

Forklifts play an important role on your job sites. Take care of them to ensure optimal performance, safety, and smooth operation.

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