5 Tips for Forklift Safety in the Workplace

5 Tips for Forklift Safety in the Workplace

5 Tips for Forklift Safety in the WorkplaceFor many companies, forklifts play an important role when it comes to moving inventory and getting shipments ready to go. They are a key part of their business operations. However, they can also be very dangerous. Some of the forklift accidents could cause severe injury or even death. That’s why ensuring forklift safety in the workplace is extremely important.

Here are 5 tips for forklift safety in the workplace:

1. Proper Training

According to OSHA, proper training could have helped avert about 70% of forklift accidents. If you are an employer, then it is highly recommended that you make sure that all forklift operators are qualified and trained. Don’t just assume that since a person has a driver’s license, they will be able to use the forklift properly. Operating a forklift is very different as compared to driving a car. And since forklifts carry heavy and large items, they have uneven weight distribution which increases the risks of them tipping over when turning. So, proper training is crucial.

2. Regular Inspection

You should inspect the forklifts on a regular basis to look for signs of damage and ensure that they are in good working condition. Check the lift controls, steering, and brakes to make sure they are working as expected. Seat belts as well as other safety features such as horns and lights should also function properly. Also, check the tire pressure as a proper tire pressure can prevent a forklift from tipping over. Apart from these, look for buildups of grease and other debris on the forklift that could pose a risk of fire.

3. Clean Up

Keep loading areas and aisles uncluttered and clean so that forklift operators don’t have to worry about moving around various random objects. Furthermore, make sure that the spaces forklifts operate in have sufficient lighting and lots of overhead room so that forklift operators can easily get things from high racks without damaging any important things like electrical wiring or sprinkler systems.

4. Marking it Up

Employees working on foot should be able to work safely along with forklift operators. Use floor tape to clearly mark defined pedestrian zones and forklift zones. About 10% of all forklift accidents are usually caused by a person run over or being hit by a forklift, that’s why it is extremely important to make efforts to warn people about where they might expect to encounter such machinery.

5. Slow and Secure

Slow and secure forklift operation is one of the best ways to ensure workplace safety. Instruct the forklift operators to drive slowly so they can watch out for pedestrians or other hazards. Also, ask them to lower and raise loads slowly. Last but not least, instruct them to avoid making sudden, quick stops or turns as they can throw the forklift off balance and cause it to tip over.

These are some of the tips to ensure forklift safety in the workplace. Following these safety measures and precautions is the best way to make sure that both your forklift operators and employees on foot are safe.

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